i need to edit the page number of multiple url links in the text file. eg:

http://gk4success.com/questions.php?page=1&parent=0&lang=2&c-id=27&q_type= ... http://gk4success.com/questions.php?page=162&parent=0&lang=2&c-id=27&q_type=

There are 162 links in the web site and i cannot edit links 162 times,even if i copy the lines 162 times,then how do i edit the page numbers easily ? is there any easy way with any text editor ?


You can generate the list

in pure shell:

for i in {1..162} ; do echo "http://gk4success.com/questions.php?page=$i&parent=0&lang=2&c-id=27&q_type=" ; done

in vim:

for i in range(1,162)| put ='http://gk4success.com/questions.php?page='.i.'parent=0lang=2c-id=27q_type=' | endfor
sed 's/page=1\&/page=162\&' /path/to/lotsofurls.txt > /path/to/fixedurls.txt

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