I have a user oracle and whenever I create a new user and if required I need to grant the newly created users the sudo access on oracle.

Like as any user I need to sudo to oracle as mentioned below

$ id
uid=5260958(5258) gid=20(users) groups=600(gom)
$ sudo su -oracle

How can I allow users to have sudo access to user oracle?


As answered in server-fault

1. Updating /etc/sudoers

In /etc/sudoers the item immediately following the equals is the user that the command will be allowed to execute as.

tom  ALL=(oracle) ALL

Note: You might need to use:

tom ALL=(oracle)NOPASSWD:ALL

2. Running the command

The user (tom) can type:

sudo -u oracle bash 

or getting a shell as user oracle:

sudo -u oracle -i

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