After few days, since I asked this question: LINK I realized, that maybe it's another problem.

I used package inotifywait to check, is a temporary file generating after sending html form. Unfortunately temp file is not creating, after clicking "upload" button in my form, but I don't know why, because even I had turned off firewall (I thought that it is a problem - I was wrong). Maybe someone has this same problem?

OS is newly installed, so I didn't change so much in httpd.conf and php.ini.

Below is a list 'What I checked?':

  1. enctype='multipart/form-data' is set,
  2. /tmp/ is a upload_tmp_dir,
  3. file_uploads is on,
  4. File size is in limit, which is set into upload_max_filesize (limit is 2MB, but file have 18KB),
  5. I tried to use aboslute path,
  6. /tmp/ and /var/www/html/upload have chmod set on 777 and upload owner and owner group is apache,
  7. I tried change upload_tmp_dir in php.ini, but it bring this same result.

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It seems SElinux is preventing to write the file. Please check SElinux configuration. If it is already disabled, please share httpd error log.

  • I'm not absolving SELinux, but I'm just curious what evidence you see that it's involved?
    – Jeff Schaller
    Jun 12, 2017 at 14:02

Unfortunately, I didn't know, that inotifywait can't show files of other owners, even in /tmp/, so temporary files were uploaded into /tmp/, but I wasn't be able to saw it.

Problem was only with SELinux, what I posted in my linked topic a moment ago.

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