How could I have a workspace sliding animation in i3 on ArchLinux ?

I don't want to use a full DE, I'm right now using compton as a compositor but it only offers fade in/out when switching workspaces, I can't make it perform a sliding animation such as the one in KDE or Gnome.

I don't mind installing another compositor but I'd like to be able to do it with compton and i3 if it's possible. (I don't mind neither having to use a more low level api and code the animation myself, but I don't know where to start)

The second step would be to have a workspace switching like on MacOs (Or now also on Windows 10) where you drag your fingers on the trackpad and it switches between workspaces smoothly : if you stop draging the workspace will just pop back in place. (I'm talking about this) That would be really cool to setup on a Linux system. I'm using Libinput (and libinput gestures) but I don't know if there is such a feature.

How could I get the closest to the MacOs/Windows10 workspace switching experience with i3 on ArchLinux ?


This may well be possible, although I have not found a way to achieve it.

I've used i3wm for five years. It aims to be fast, without unnecessary fluff. Citing i3wm.org: "Don’t be bloated, don’t be fancy"

Your request seems to be out of the scope of this window manager; if you truly desire smooth animations such as those seen on KDE or Gnome, then you may be better served by these.

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