I am trying to print the space occupied by directories (two levels down). The size listed is not accurate. For instance large_child_folder is 150 GB. How do I get the real directory size?

tree -L 2 -d --du -sh

├── [8.0K]  parent_folder
│   └── [4.0K]  large_child_folder
└── [8.0K]  another_parent_folder
    └── [4.0K]  another_large_child_folder

The answer @ Print size of directory content with tree command in tree 1.5? doesn't seem correct.

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The following command will provide a human readable information, on the size of all directories which are up-to depth of 2 levels of directories below the current directory:

du --max-depth=2 -h

du - estimate file space usage - man

--max-depth=N print the total for a directory only if it is N or fewer levels below the command line argument

-h, --human-readable print sizes in human readable format (e.g., 1K 234M 2G)


you can use dutree

enter image description here

  • coloured output, according to the LS_COLORS environment variable.
  • display the file system tree
  • ability to aggregate small files
  • ability to exclude files or directories
  • ability to compare different directories
  • fast, written in Rust

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