Obviously, I can't move my icons that I have at my home screen. I remember when I ran the Live Session User before I installed Linux Mint, and then everything went perfectly fine. But now after all the settings and so, I must have changed a setting that causes the icons to lock themselfes.

Anyone know what to do.


There is a Bug in Linux 18.2

Menu> System Settings> Desktop>
"Show desktop icons in all monitors"

Now right click empty part of screen

Turn off auto arrange
Turn off align to grid

your icons are free to move

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    Did you caps-lock key get stuck while typing? – Anthon Aug 5 '17 at 15:29

It defaults to auto-arranging for some reason. Right click on the desktop -> "Desktop" -> "Auto-Arrange"

For complete freedom also turn off the "Align to Grid" option.


Here you can find the way to revert to the previous mode Customized Desktop icon sizing in LM 18.2:

Install dconf-editor, run it, in left column go to path org > nemo > desktop and untick the option "use-desktop-grid". Here you are. Desktop behaviour is just like before 18.2 and you can freely resize icons.


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