I am streaming Internet radio using mpg123 on PocketC.H.I.P. This is the command I use:

sudo mpg123-alsa \
  --aggressive --realtime \
  -a hw:1,0 \
  -v \
  --no-icy-meta \
  --preload 0.5 \

The playback is smooth for most time but sometimes it stops for a few seconds. I thought that adding a buffer might fix this issue so I added --buffer 1024 to the above command.

As a result, mpg123 printed that it loaded 7 seconds of frames (which is around the size of the buffer) and stopped. No audio is playing and the program is not responding to SIGINT (^C). I have to kill it with kill.


Why does adding an audio output buffer (using the -b argument) break mpg123?

Further Details

  • I am using mpg123 1.20.1

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