I was using Synergy from Symless. It shares the mouse and keyboard between computers. So it is similar to having secondary or third screen attached to your computer.

The Scenario is: having a laptop and a PC.

  • On laptop screen, I do some typing with a text editor (Active window).
  • On PC screen, the browser is open (Not fullscreen, but active). Under it, there is music player (Fullscreen, but not active).
  • When I move my mouse to laptop screen, the focus is on the text editor (even if the mouse is not hovering on the text editor)
  • When I move my mouse to PC screen, the focus is on the browser (even if the mouse is hovering on the music player)

=> That is the desired behavior, and that is how Synergy works.

Now I want mimic that behavior with one computer but multiple screens. I'm using Elementary.

Under Tweak Tool, there is a focus option. The options are Click (Change focusing window in click), Mouse (Change focusing window by hovering the mouse) and Sloppy (Same as Mouse, actually don't know how it is different from Mouse).

The nearest I got to mimic the behavior in the scenario is to use Mouse focus mode. But you have to move the mouse onto the window you want to focus. This mode is annoying when you open a new window, but the focus is not on that new window because the mouse is off somewhere.

So what I want is probably Click focus mode, but each screen has a different Active Window of itself. When I move my mouse to a screen, the Active Window of that screen should raise up.

Do anyone happen to know how to achieve what I described? The goal is to unify the work flow. At home I have my laptop and my PC, but at the office I have my laptop and the secondary screen.

So the different setup pause me and sometimes irritating.

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