Hi next semester I've a course that require us to use Kali, so I've installed it on VMbox on my mac. It works, but the screen resolution selections are limited to these https://www.dropbox.com/s/fyv68p78fqj7c2b/Skjermbilde%202017-06-08%2002.40.03.png?dl=0

I've tried some guides on how to fix this online. And it didn't seem to be working. The guide that I've been following: http://www.note.id.lv/2015/07/Kali-Linux-Screen-Resolution-VirtualBox.html

I figured that it might be driver issue..

I'm currently using an macbook pro 13" /w touchbar bought in 2017.


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Did you install the VirtualBox Guest Additions? It will help.

Use the Devices option in the Vbox menu as it will install the appropriate version


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