So I am running libreelec and would like to run a script every time the pc boots and then every hour after.

I have a command that launches the script in a screen and running it works fine.

I have set this up as a cron job with @reboot and every hour, but the script does not run.

I have asked it to output to a log file and the @reboot does not even create the crontv.log but the hourly one makes the log file but the script does not run.

The script itself creates another log file, but this never gets created unless I run the script manually.

Pastebin here shows the crontab and then the ls command run before and after the cron job is supposed to run.



screen as invoked won't write anything to the log file. You probably ought to add the logging to sync.sh.

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  • As I said, the script should also write a log file, but when the cron job runs the log file does not get written. This is how I know that cron seems to be failing instead of the script. – James Jun 5 '17 at 22:02

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