On MAC terminal, how can I get output something like this:

1 Executable programs or shell commands
2 System calls (functions provided by the kernel)
3 Library calls (functions within program libraries)
4 Special files (usually found in /dev)
5 File formats and conventions eg /etc/passwd
6 Games
7 Miscellaneous (including macro packages and conventions), e.g. man(7)
8 System administration commands (usually only for root)
9 Kernel routines [Non standard]
  • On older systems (through 10.5 at least), you would use man manpages, but Apple appears to have removed this manual page from more recent OSX releases. – user4556274 Jun 7 '17 at 12:17

May be something like this?

man -a intro |                            # awk grabs the header from each intro man page
awk '/INTRO/ { $1 = substr($1,7,1)        # set $1 to x in INTRO(x)
               $2 = ""                    # set $2 to nothing
               sub(/INTRO\([0-9]\)/, "")  # remove the string INTRO(x) from last field
               print | "sort"

The results:

1  General Commands Manual 
2  System Calls Manual 
3  Library Functions Manual 
5  File Formats Manual 
7  Miscellaneous Information Manual 
8  System Manager's Manual 
9  Kernel Developer's Manual 

Note the missing sections.

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