I upgraded to Mongo 3.4.4 by first downliading the tgz file and copying all the contents of its bin/ folder to /user/bin/.

I then ran mongo and got:

mongo: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So I ran:

sudo cp /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libssl.so.1.0.0 /usr/lib/libssl.so.10
sudo cp /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.1.0.0 /usr/lib/libcrypto.so.10

I then went to /usr/lib/ and both files are there. I then ran mongo again and now I see:

mongo: /usr/lib/libcrypto.so.10: version `libcrypto.so.10' not found (required by mongo)
mongo: /usr/lib/libssl.so.10: version `libssl.so.10' not found (required by mongo)

The files are there. How is it possible that mongo cannot see them?

Im using Linux Mint 17.1

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