I want to download all the .rpm files for the below packages with all its dependencies. The problem is yum cannot find any of them nor its dependencies. I want all these .rpm files for offline installation in another secluded redhat server.

  • protobuf-devel
  • leveldb-devel
  • hdf5-devel
  • gflags-devel
  • glog-devel
  • lmdb-devel

I am using yumdownloader and I got the below error for the above packages

No package package-name available.                     
Error: Nothing to do 

I used the command below

yumdownloader --resolve snappy-devel

for other packages like

  • snappy-devel
  • opencv-devel
  • boost-devel
  • atlas-devel

for which it worked perfectly and downloaded all the packages and the required dependencies *.rpm

Please tell me how to do the same for the other packages mentioned in the beginning.

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The problem seems to be that yumdownloader cannot find any package with that name.

Either those packages have different names (try searching yourself using yum search protobuf for example); either you need to add new repositories that do contain those packages.

  • Hi, those packages are available in rpmfind.net but I dont know. what is the repositories url for that website is. And I dont know how to add the same in a red hat linux?
    – Vignesh S
    Jun 6, 2017 at 12:11
  • you can use yum-repo-manager to add a repo
    – Chris Maes
    Jun 6, 2017 at 12:24

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