I have several pdf files (chapter1.pdf, chapter2.pdf, etc.), each one being a chapter of a book. I now how to merge them into a single pdf (I use the command pdfunite from poppler), but since the output file is big, it's difficult to find a chapter without having them indexed in a table of contents. So how to create an embedded table of contents in which each merged chapter is an entry?

Note that I do not want to create a page in the output file which contains the list of chapters and their respective page numbers. I want the index/table of contents metadata of an pdf file, that can be browseable in any pdf reader's (or ebook device's) which supports such feature.

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    You can use pdftk as you can read here. – Hölderlin May 31 '17 at 23:54

A function I use all the time to do exactly this. Just make sure the pdfs sort properly in sequence in the expansion.

for i in *.pdf; do
    echo "Bookmarking $i"
    printf "BookmarkBegin\nBookmarkTitle: %s\nBookmarkLevel: 1\nBookmarkPageNumber: 1\n" "${i%.*}"> "$td"
    pdftk "$i" update_info "$td" output "$tp"
    mv "$tp" "$i"
pdftk *.pdf cat output myBook.pdf
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Non-destructive version of @bu5hman's answer:


BookmarkTitle: %s
BookmarkLevel: 1
BookmarkPageNumber: 1

rm -rf "$tmp_dir"
mkdir -p "$tmp_dir"

for f in *.pdf; do
    echo "Bookmarking $f..."
    printf "$bookmarks_fmt" "$title" > "$bookmarks_file"
    pdftk "$f" update_info "$bookmarks_file" output "$tmp_dir/$f"

pdftk "$tmp_dir"/*.pdf cat output "$out_file"
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