How do I start the document viewer Zathura maximised?

Is there any way to get my window manager xfce to remember the last open window's size?

The default window size is only about 1/8th of my screen.

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There's an undocumented launch option, --mode. The examples given for this were "presentation", and "fullscreen", so just use zathura --mode fullscreen [FILE]. If that gets to be a bother, they don't have a configuration entry for this, for whatever reason, so what I did was add --mode fullscreen to my zathura.desktop file. It's a bit of a bother having to use xdg-open to access all of my PDFs, though.


You could use zathurarc to configure the default window size. From man zathurarc:

   Defines the window height on startup

   · Value type: Integer

   · Default value: 600

   Defines the window width on startup

   · Value type: Integer

   · Default value: 800

You can set height and width to a large value, so that it will cover your entire screen. In my case the following did the trick:

set window-height 3000
set window-width 3000

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