The question at hand is:

How to completely remove (purge) unused (removed via GUI) kernel packages in Linux Mint 18.x after man removes these kernels via Mint Update Manager -> Linux Kernels window?

As you can see below, there is only one kernel installed, I have removed all others:

Mint Update Manager -> Linux Kernels

Since they were removed, I presumed they were purged completely, but I was wrong. Once I did:

dpkg --list | grep "linux-image"

There was more like 30 packages with rc prefix.


The rc prefix - these two letters signify the status of the packages as follows:

  1. r : the package was marked for removal
  2. c : the configuration files are present in the system

First we need to get the list of the packages, that were removed, while leaving the configuration behind:

dpkg --list | grep "^rc  linux-image" | cut --delimiter " " --fields 3

Once we have the list, we can manually purge these kernel packages, e.g.:

sudo apt-get purge linux-image-4.10.0-20-generic linux-image-extra-4.10.0-20-generic

Notice, we are actually always removing two packages:

  1. linux-image-*
  2. linux-image-extra-*

One problem you will possibly encounter is a warning that the kernel library directory wasn't removed because it's not empty. I decided that I will leave it as it is, because I would have to google another hour for an explanation whether or not I can just:

sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/4.10.0-20-generic/

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