I'm new to nix package manager.

After installing nix into Ubuntu 16.04 LTS(Japanese translated version), I installed ruby with nix-env command. Then I did gem install bundler. That seemed to work fine.

However I couldn't use bundle command, while require 'bundler' in IRB session seemed to work fine. That made me confused.

From my understanding, in general, it is no need to do anything for using bundle command after gem install bundler

How should I understand this problem and how can I solve it?

P.S English is not my native language; please excuse typing, grammar or/and word selecting errors.

$ nix-env -q

$ gem install bundler
Fetching: bundler-1.15.0.gem (100%)
Successfully installed bundler-1.15.0
Parsing documentation for bundler-1.15.0
Installing ri documentation for bundler-1.15.0
Done installing documentation for bundler after 6 seconds
1 gem installed

$ bundle init
プログラム 'bundle' はまだインストールされていません。 次のように入力することでインストールできます:
sudo apt install ruby-bundler

$ irb
require 'bundler'
=> true

try: nix-shell -p ruby bundler

and have a look at: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/nixos/modules/services/misc/gitlab.nix

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