I need to change a password of a postfix user account mailbox directly in a MySQL database; however I have no idea of the format used.

Here is the table:

SELECT username,password FROM mailbox LIMIT 1;
| username         | password                           |
| [email protected] | $1$60Dgu9vc$T7vaQfTKgxUpci0TTnsyO0 |

What format is it? How to change it?

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The $1$ at the beginning of the password field hints it is a MD5 hash.

To encrypt a password in a MD5 hash, you can use the openssl passwd command.

From man openssl:

passwd Generation of hashed passwords.

and from openssl passwd --help:

-1 MD5-based password algorithm
-stdin read passwords from stdin

So to generate the MD5 hash, a short bash example:

MD5=`echo $PASSWORD | openssl passwd -1 -stdin`

Running it, you got as output the intended encrypted password:


So to change the password in the MySQL DB to 'test123', you do in the MySQL prompt:

USE postfix UPDATE mailbox SET password="$1$EaYOC8n4$04LSDBtt4A8GPVRUkzBXG/" WHERE username="[email protected]";

The change takes effect immediately, and the user will notice the change in the next mailbox access.

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