Previously, I was using uuencode command to send multiple attachments from VNC to Windows using email and it worked fine.

However, when i try to send multiple attachments from NX to Windows using the same command, it did sent a mail but the content of the mail is more like ASCII code.

Is there probably any other way for me to send multiple attachments from NX or even other than VNC to an email account?

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    I don't understand the question. What do NX and VNC have to do with email? And what is the problem with “the content of the mail is more like ASCII code” — the point of uuencode is to get something that could reasonably be described as “ASCII code”? – Gilles May 25 '17 at 22:20

For sending multiple attachments in the same message from a Unix/Linux system, you also have the alternative of sending them via the command line.

Using uuencode you just have to concatenate the several uuencoded attachments from the command line; as in:

(uuencode file1 /dev/null ; uuencode file2 /dev/null ; uuencode file3 /dev/null )| mail -s "subject" myemail@example.com

If missing uuencode, to install it on Debian:

sudo apt install sharutils

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