I have audio CD in Nero .nrg file format (created on Microsoft Windows), and want to burn it on physical Audio CD medium. nrg2iso(1) Debian package produces .iso image which doesn't work (nor is it supposed to, according to wikipedia article above, as it is not Data CD).

I've had some luck with mplayer --cdrom-device=cdimage.nrg cdda:// (it can detect and play audio tracks!) so some support seems to be present (and I could probably kludge it around to extract raw audio), but I'd ideally want to preserve other data (according to mplayer, there are at least CD-Text tracks also present)

I'd prefer command-line oriented Debian Jessie package, but I'll take anything that can be compiled/run on Debian.


As I try hard to avoid running non-free software (such as Nero), and I prefered command-line to GUI in this case, I've found other solution.

I installed libcdio-utils Debian package, and then used:

cd-info cdimage.nrg

to get information about NRG file which looked sane. Afterwards I used cd-paranoia from same package to extract audio tracks as .wav files, and then burned them with wodim as usual:

mkdir wav
cd wav
cd-paranoia -d ../cdrimage.nrg  -B
wodim -v -audio *.wav

(note that cd-paranoia from libcdio-utils package is not the same thing as cdparanoia from cdparanoia package).

This worked fast and easy for audio (and could be used to RIP audio tracks from .nrg image to mp3 files for example), but CD-Text information was lost - I could have used cd-info to read CD-Text track descriptions and with little scripting record them too back on CD with wodim -text (but I was in a hurry and the CD-Text info turned out not to be useful in my case...)

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