Almost every distro I know will wipe /etc/resolv.conf on reboot (I think DHCP does this) and thus the place to add static DHCP entries varies per distro. How do I add static DNS servers to a CentOS server, so that I know that my entries will survive a reboot?


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For CentOS it looks like you add PEERDNS=no to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (see the documentation).

More generically, iIf you're using dhclient then put the following in your dhclient.conf file:

interface "eth0" {
 supersede domain-name-servers,;

For dhcpcd you add the -R option to the command line to stop it changing /etc/resolv.conf.

Finally pump uses the -d option on the command line to stop it changing /etc/resolv.conf.


It would really just come down to how you configure your dhcp client.

From the link provided, it seems the relevant file will be


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