I've set up my Linux laptop (running Pixel for x86, based on Debian) to have three 'desktops'. I can access these with ctrl-alt-left and right.

  1. Main - a blank desktop

  2. CLI - a full screen, with no titlebar, LXTerminal

  3. Browser - a full screen Chromium

If I restart the laptop, I still get 3 named 'desktops' but the Terminal and Browser are not open on desktops 2 and 3.

How do I get these apps to start in their appropriate desktop automatically upon startup?

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By 'desktops', I'm assuming you mean workspaces? Ctrl+alt+left/right are the shortcuts to switch between workspaces.

You could try using wmctrl to launch certain programs in a specific workspace.


You would need to use wmctrl -l to find the window number:

0x0080006a -1 localhost panel
0x0180007c  0 localhost Chromium
0x02600007  3 localhost LXTerminal

And wmctrl -d to find the workspace number.

As for the automatic start-up, since this a command line tool, it can easily be ported to a simple shell script that is listed in your autostart file (you can add it through the LXDE configuration interface).

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