When I run the following code:

sudo ifconfig xxxx down
sudo macchanger -r xxxx
sudo ifconfig xxxx up

I do see a change in the mac address when doing the command ifconfig. However after a certain amount of time passes, I use ifconfig again and I notice that the mac address goes back to the permanent one.

THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND: Is macchanger a program constantly running in the background spoofing the mac address until a certain event happens? What might that event be? I assume that restarting the computer is one type event, but is my previous case of it being reverted after a certain amount of time normal? How do I know how long it will run?

QUESTION: Could someone explain to me how macchanger works and especially how long macchanger is running (if I need to modify something to have it run indefinitely, etc)?


I tested macchanger some time ago, and it lost its configuration after a WiFi disconnect. If you are using this for your wireless card, you might try a newer version of wpa_supplicant, which does now implement this function. ( mac_addr=1 in wpa_supplicant.conf will activate it)

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