I use avfs to conveniently look inside archives from a shell prompt. This creates a view of the whole directory tree under ~/.avfs (so if a file /path/to/foo exists then it's also visible as ~/.avfs/path/to/foo), and additionally, if /path/to/foo is an archive file then ~/.avfs/path/to/foo# is a directory which is a view of the toplevel directory of the content of the archive.

When I want to explore the inside of an archive, it's a bit cumbersome: I have to switch into the ~/.avfs hierarchy, and the completion of cd doesn't help me to type those archive names and add a # at the end.

I'd like to be able to run acd foo.zip from /path/to/dir and run cd ~/.avfs/path/to/dir#. With decent completion for acd. How can I do this?


Here's my implementation of acd. It does the right thing whether the argument is a directory or an archive. acd with no argument is equivalent to acd ..

avfs_cd () {
  case "$2" in
    "$HOME/.avfs/"*) :;;
    /*) set -- "$1" "$HOME/.avfs$2";;
    *) set -- "$1" "$HOME/.avfs$PWD/$2"
  if ! [ -d "$2" ]; then
    set -- "$1" "${2}#"
  "$1" "$2"
alias acd='avfs_cd cd'
alias apushd='avfs_cd pushd'

And here's my zsh completion function:

_acd () {
  _files -g "*.(7z|rar|tar.bz2|tar.gz|tar.xz|tbz2|tgz|zip)(e\\''REPLY=\${REPLY}\\#'\\')"
compdef _acd acd apushd
  • Personally I would have named it cdar so I could pronounce it in a pirate-y voice ("CD arrrrr") or as a homophone for CD-R. – jamesdlin Jun 7 '17 at 5:57

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