We install Solus in our host machines and run several containers. I've noted that after installation, solus modify iptables adding to Forward chain Solus_in and Solus_out. In those chains he is adding ip on our vps in this way

 all  --            x.x.x.x (IP added to container)
 all  --            x.x.x.x (IP added to container)

I try to add my own rule in this chain but Solus override them after, so I add them in site our containers and everything is working properly. And know is my question, what if I want to specify rule to all containers, how to do this?

I tried to change INPUT chain in host server but traffic is passing some how still to Solus. I tried also change Forward chain and specify rule for forward to Solus for example

 SOLUSVM_TRAFFIC_IN  tcp  --             tcp dpt:22
 SOLUSVM_TRAFFIC_OUT  tcp  --             tcp spt:22
 DROP  tcp  --  

And here is /etc/networks

link-local x.x.0.0

But it close traffic by container be ssh. So how this is working?

  1. How traffic is passing eth0 even when there is a rule to block some ports.
  2. Why I cannot my modiffication in FORWARD chain for Solus are not working?
  3. How Solus is overwriting the SOLUSVM_TRAFFIC_IN chain?
  4. And how to secure this Solus?

Thanks for all help, to understand this strange behavior

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