I would like to display uptime in common units (so not just in minutes if it is over an hour; also not just in seconds if it is over a minute; e.g., "1:02:30" for 1 hour, 2 minutes and 30 seconds would be my ideal time format) in my i3status bar. I have not even been able to find how to show uptime in the i3status bar in any units. I found this repo on GitHub that seemed to claim to do this but copying these configs gave me errors related to difficulty executing the status_command line in this repo's config. Namely the status_command line is:

status_command ~/.i3/i3status.sh ~/.i3/i3status.conf

guessing it only works with an older version of i3. Any ideas how to do this? here is my present ~/.i3status.conf file. My distribution is Gentoo Linux.


I have found the solution. I simply did not understand its syntax well enough. I just had to edit my ~/.i3/i3status.sh file. It is now:


/usr/bin/i3status -c $HOME/.i3status.conf | while :
    read line
    RAM=`free -kh | grep Mem | awk '{print $3}'`
    TOTR=$(cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemT | sed 's/.*\://g' | sed 's/ *//g' | sed 's/kB//g')
    TOT=$(octave --eval "$TOTR/1024^2" | sed 's/ans = *//g' | sed 's/$/G/g' )

    # Put uptime
    uptime=`uptime | awk '{print $3 " " $4}' | sed 's/,.*//'`
    hour=$(echo $uptime | sed 's/\:.*//g')
    min=$(echo $uptime | sed 's/.*\://g')
    UP="$hour h $min m"

    # Compile C++ CPU prog and run it
    g++ -o cpu.o $HOME/.i3/cpu.cpp

    printf "%s\n" "Up: $UP | CPU: $CPU% | RAM: $RAM/$TOT | $line"

The most relevant lines to uptime are between # Put uptime and # Compile C++... and the final printf "%s\n"... command. My complete i3 configuration files can be found in this repository.

  • Be aware that this solution leads to quite the PID waste, as every tick (as configured via the interval option of i3status) creates a new process for every executable called in the wrapper. Also RAM info can be displayed natively via i3status (see memory). Also why the awk/sed hassle for uptime when you can just call uptime -p? Further compiling the cpu app on every tick seems rather insane, especially since i3status provide a built-in for CPU usage (see CPU usage) – Marius K. Oct 28 '19 at 8:20

My solution:

make script in cron.hourly to create formated /tmp/uptime in every one hour (I don't need more precision than one hour) and use in i3status with readfile:

read_file uptime {
        path = "/tmp/uptime"


awk '{printf("Up %dd:%02d\n",($1/60/60/24),($1/60/60%24),($1/60%60),($1%60))}' /proc/uptime > /tmp/uptime

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