The sound on my speakers is very distorted on high volumes. Although, on Windows 10 Dual Boot it works perfectly. I tried Windows 10 without the drivers installed and I noticed the same distorted sound. After installing the drivers it runs perfectly. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that the cause of the distorted sound were the audio drivers.

Now that I have Fedora 25 experiencing the same problem I installed the HD Audio Codec from this site. The current version of the file I installed is 5.18rc8 . Please help me with this problem.

  • Distortion on high volumes is usually a sign of hardware mixers put to high somewhere. Also, Realtek HD Codecs are included in the kernel, there's usually no need to install third party codecs, even from Realtek itself. And if there are problems, they should be reported to the ALSA developers. Please put the output of cat /proc/asound/card*/codec\#* and amixer -cX contents (where X is the number for your card, e.g. -c0) into a pastebin etc. and edit your question with the link. – dirkt May 19 '17 at 6:16

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