I have strange behaviour. I have USB 3G Modem and it doesnt auto-connect, yet that's what I want. I am just in headless mode; I'm trying "nmcli" and it doesn't work at all. But when I start desktop X11 system, it also starts nm-applet and it auto connects to 3G. Why so?

root@chip:~# nmcli g
connected  full          enabled  enabled  enabled  enabled
root@chip:~# nmcli c
NAME            UUID                                  TYPE             DEVICE
Ruter           00d82c8e-6ef2-49b7-b1ac-a66c303a560e  802-11-wireless  wlan0
ZZ              32f8fa94-35d6-4a51-9a5d-5c500270a0ed  gsm              --
usb0_linklocal  3c8ee1db-c6b3-4db6-8bfc-4e94e72cab17  802-3-ethernet   --

ZZ is 3G connection Wi-Fi is auto connecting, but 3G no! Also:

root@chip:~# nmcli c up ZZ
Error: Connection activation failed.

But nm-applet works fine and it automatically connects to 3G.


Well wvdial helped! I also added

auto ppp0
iface ppp0 inet wvdial

to /etc/network/interfaces

By the way, I'm using C.H.I.P; you can do this also on Raspberry.

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