I'm running the following command to download a single file from git:

git archive --remote=ssh://host/pathto/repo.git HEAD README.md

The contents of the file are directed to terminal, before I see the contents of the README I have some header information, that looks like this:

pax_global_header00006660000000000000000000000064131063477050014520gustar00rootroot0000000000000052 comment=502c8004562eab49c105b2e294d8806c735c13a1 README.md000066400000000000000000000002771310634770500123510ustar00rootroot00000000000000

My end goal is to redirect the file locally like so:

git archive --remote=ssh://host/pathto/repo.git HEAD README.md > README.md

How do I deal with the header information so I end up with files that don't contain the header as text?


I found that piping into tar xvf - solved the issue:

git archive --remote=ssh://host/pathto/repo.git HEAD README.md  |  tar xvf -

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