I have a pretty weird issue. Might be a simple one. Maybe I am missing something.

I have a command:

# dpnctl status all

The output of this is:

> Identity added: /home/dpn/.ssh/dpnid (/home/dpn/.ssh/dpnid) dpnctl:
> INFO: gsan status: up dpnctl: INFO: MCS status: up. dpnctl: INFO: emt
> status: up. dpnctl: INFO: Backup scheduler status: up. dpnctl: INFO:
> axionfs status: down. dpnctl: INFO: Maintenance windows scheduler
> status: enabled. dpnctl: INFO: Unattended startup status: enabled.

I tried:

dpnctl status all > /output.txt
dpnctl status all >> /output.txt

And both of these return the file as empty. The command does not populate all the status at once. It will output each service status with ~1 second delay. This is why I used >> rather than a regular re-direct >

Any idea what's causing this? Thanks.

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    Could be outputting to stderr, so try 2> instead of > – einonm May 14 '17 at 16:45
  • Yep. It indeed was. &> did it – suhas savkoor May 14 '17 at 16:49

Never mind. I figured it out:

dpnctl status &> /output.txt

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