I am using notmuch together with neomutt. I am using the recommended setup, i.e. I can search for messages matching certain criteria with / and results are shown in a virtual folder directly in mutt, which is nice. I keep all of my email in different IMAP mailboxes, i.e. INBOX is - in theory - empty.

Because of this, quite often, I would like to know in which mailbox a particular message is that I found through notmuch. Is there a way to do so? Or, even better, is there a way to directly jump to the corresponding mailbox and thread from the search results?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!


I'm not sure if it's possbile directly within neomutt, but you can run:

notmuch search --output=files <YOUR-SEARCH-TERM>

output of command above gives you one filename per line of matched messages. That should help you to find mailboxes with the matched messages.

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