Is there a possibility that we can compare two xml files and identify the differences in them. And then get the out put to a output new file.

I used diff xml1 xml2 but this gives me only differences in lines, what i am looking is for the differences from tree level.

  • what should be the diff output if 2 files have the same structure but different attribute value on some nested tag? May 8, 2017 at 8:14

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diffxml is one tool that does this and xmldiff another. Both of them have options for choosing what you want to consider a difference, and produce structured output. With diffxml you get an XML file describing the necessary transformations in detail, and with xmldiff either a list of XSL selectors and what to do with them or an XML file in xupdate format.

There are also libraries for PHP, Perl, Perl again, Python, C#, ..., which you could use to build something giving whatever exact behaviour you wanted.

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