I've got FreeBSD 10.3 (PowerPC) installed on eMac P69.

I'm using MPlayer to test loudness. I already use -af volume=10:1-like options but they tend to distort sound pretty quickly + it is not really a solution.

From what I read online I should be able to change volume using systcl hw.snd.vpc_0db or mixer(8). Unfortunately:

  • systcl hw.snd.vpc_0d=45 is too quiet
  • systcl hw.snd.vpc_0d=10 is quite ok but still it could/should go louder
  • systcl hw.snd.vpc_0d=1 is distorted and really not that louder than 10
  • mixer returns:

    mixer: /dev/mixer: No such file or directory

From what I remember when this machine still had Mac OS X its speakers were way louder comparing to what I get on FreeBSD.


  1. Why is /dev/mixer missing?
  2. Is there any other way to increase speaker volume?

Other details

They might come in handy:

  • /boot/loader.conf

  • I tried kldload snd_hda but it didn't help.

  • kldload snd_driver results in

    kldload: can't load snd_driver: No such file or directory

    Also, there are interesting messages in the system message buffer displayed with dmesg:

    link_elf: symbol isa_dma_release undefined
    KLD snd_driver.ko: depends on snd_sb8 - not available or version mismatch

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