Consider two directories A and B.

A contains a text file A.txt which changes its contents every 3 seconds.

The shell script is to move A.txt to directory B and rename it to A_1.txt.

After 3 seconds the script should copy A.txt as A_2.txt in directory B.

The script should not die until a delimiter is pressed.

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Using bash or ksh93 and inotifywait:

while true; do
    inotifywait -e close_write A/A.txt
    cp A/A.txt "B/A_$(( ++i )).txt"

The script terminates when Ctrl+C is pressed.

Note: Since I'm not on Linux, I can't get inotifywait on my machine to actually catch the close_write event, but I'm hoping it will do so properly on Linux.

The call to inotifywait will return as soon as an external process, which has opened the file A/A.txt for writing, finishes writing and closes the file. This allows the script to carry on with copying the file to the B directory.

Doing it this way is more convenient than trying to synchronize the script with a process that writes to the file every once in a while.

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    works fine for me, though inotifywait is rather verbose, so maybe use inotifywait -qq – ilkkachu May 7 '17 at 9:09

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