I have 8K remained on one of my drives:

> df
/dev/sdb1      3845577736  385295296 3264915224  11% /NAS/data
/dev/sdc1      3845577736 3650210512          8 100% /NAS/media

I take big folder and move it from media to data. After hundreds of gigabytes copied I have

> df
/dev/sdb1      3845577736  395182772 3255027748  11% /NAS/data
/dev/sdc1      3845577736 3650210512          8 100% /NAS/media

I.e. free space on target drive becomes less, while free space on source drive does not increase.

I am moving with Midnight Commander move command.

How to fix?

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    Has the move completed yet? Some implementations of mv do not remove files until the complete tree has been copied when transferring between filesystems
    – Fox
    Commented May 6, 2017 at 19:55

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As suggested by @Fox in the comment to your question. The mv command doesn't remove the file(s) being moved until the copy has been completed when dealing with a mv between filesystems. Once the command has completed it should then reflect properly with the df command.

If it still didn't reflect properly after the command had completed successfully I would recommend a fsck on the filesystem that is showing incorrectly. (And of course, make sure you have a backup just in case.)

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