I've mounted an Amazon EBS volume on /media/scientist/data1.

scientist is the username.

However, once in scientist, I can't do an ls command on it. See as follows:

scientist@ip-10-30-10-239:/media$ ls -l
total 4
d-wx-wx--x 3 scientist scientist 4096 May  5 19:24 scientist

scientist@ip-10-30-10-239:/media/scientist$ ls
ls: cannot open directory '.': Permission denied

However if I go in one directory further it works fine

scientist@ip-10-30-10-239:/media/scientist/data1$ ls
intex  lost+found

The command I ran was sudo chown -R scientist /media/scientist.


You do not have read privileges on this directory: d-wx-wx--x. Directory ownership does not give you privileges to read it's content.

To fix that problem, run the following command:

  • sudo chmod u+rwx media/scientist

I encourage you to read:

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