I want to run my script when pressing Ctrl+Shift in i3. But when I'm trying to map a custom command to Ctrl+Shift in ~/.config/i3/config it doesn't work. For example:

bindsym Control+Shift exec chromium
  • I thought maybe you can't bindsym without $mod, but Control+1 works fine.
  • $mod+Control+Shift also works.

I asked a question recently but then realized maybe I'm asking the wrong one.

  • Oh no, the question was right! Though I can't map Ctrl+Shift I solved my previous problem. – Neilana May 5 '17 at 20:57

short: no


Control and Shift are usually just modifiers

That is, they are applied to a non-modifier key, such as your example 1.

The i3 user guide tells you which keys are modifiers, in Section 4.3:

Available Modifiers:

Mod1-Mod5, Shift, Control

    Standard modifiers, see xmodmap(1)

as well as mentioning the syntax:

bindsym [--release] [<Group>+][<Modifiers>+]<keysym> command

While you could in principle change your keyboard configuration (so that those keys could be treated differently), you'd find it inconvenient to use i3 and other applications without the modifiers.

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