I am trying to install complete CentOS 6.5 including GUI on a x86 platform (32 GB RAM, 1 TB Secondary Memory) using a DVD but for some reason only the minimal commandline CentOS gets installed after the message "X startup failed, falling back to text mode". It does not ask me my choice during installation. I have earlier successfully used the same DVD to install the complete CentOS including GUI on similar platforms. What could be the problem?


What could be the problem?

You actually have a Desktop choice at install time. Else: Minimal.

This will do for the missing pieces : # yum groupinstall Desktop


Please refer:https://www.unixmen.com/install-centos-6-5-remotely-using-telnet/ Choose Install or upgrade an existing system option from the installation wizard and press TAB key. Now you should see the following screen. Type linux text and press enter.

  • I don't want to command line mode. I was the full CentOS including the desktop environment. – Jay May 4 '17 at 5:58
  • Sorry, you may miss x11-windows, you can reinstall x11-windows. – Eric Zhang May 4 '17 at 6:00

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