I was given a website to connect to an SSH server but my browser says it doesn't exist(both in Windows and Ubuntu). When I do the

ssh username@website.com

command in the command line it works fine.

Is there something I should be doing for my system to be able to access the website itself?

  • Can you confirm that you have a web server installed on the server "website.com" you will need something like apache, nginx or something else serving http/https. The other issue, you will need to make sure that you have the port open to the world e.g. tcp 80/443. If you have firewalls or routers that need to have port forwarding configured you will need to do that. – Laywah May 2 '17 at 23:52
  • Thank you!Also,good job on looking past me writing website instead of server. – user229607 May 3 '17 at 0:04

You cannot access ssh directly from the browser. You would need to connect using the terminal, with the ssh username@website.com command.

If you are looking for a website hosted at website.com then, navigate there using the browser. If you are looking to host the website, once you ssh in, applications such as apache and nginx handle hosting the website.


For starters, to check whether the website really is accepting SSH connections you could use an online port scanner form the list here:


Then enter the address you were given (website.com) and tell it to look at port 22. It's possible for the person to have set up SSH on a different port, but if they haven't said its on a different port it should be on 22.

Once you have determined that SSH is running you can look at ways of connecting to it.

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