I am on a CentOS server and I have a user called theowner, so he has his folder under /home/theowner.

I have two other folders, f1 and f2, under /home/myprojects/src, and I want that these folders appears under /home/theowner. I don't want to move the folders but link them to /home/theowner.

It's for c9 workspace, and I just want to allow theowner to access those folders directly when he logs in.

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    ln -s /home/myprojects/src/f1 /home/theowner/f1; same for f2. Since you're traversing across multiple users' homes, you'll have to ensure directory and file permissions will permit theowner to read them.
    – DopeGhoti
    Commented May 2, 2017 at 23:11

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As @DopeGhoti recommended in his comment, what you are wanting is a symbolic link. You can run the following commands as root or with sudo to accomplish the task:

ln -s /home/myprojects/src/f1 /home/theowner/f1
ln -s /home/myprojects/src/f2 /home/theowner/f2

Keep in mind that the file permissions in f1 and f2 must allow theowner to read, write, and/or execute as you'd like him to be able to do.

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