I have a mySQL database that contains accented characters that are being displayed incorrectly by a HTML page.

The problem is that I do not trust the encoding that the database is reporting for the tables, because the whole thing was migrated from another server that was failing.

I have tried to convert the characters to several encodings but my problem is identifying the source character encoding.

I have copied a segment of text from the database.

This is the phrase as it should have been displayed

Fóton é uma ferramenta multi-camadas, multi-ní­vel para criar emissores do tipo CAEmitterLayer e partí­culas...

This is how it is being displayed

FÃŗton Ê uma ferramenta multi-camadas, multi-nível para criar emissores do tipo CAEmitterLayer e partículas...

As I see, this is happening:

  • ó is being displayed as Ãŗ
  • ú is being displayed as Ãē
  • â is being displayed as Ãĸ
  • é is being displayed as Ê
  • á is being displayed as ÃĄ

Is it possible to identify the encoding by looking at the text?

  • HTML/Apache/PHP should be configured accordingly. Is this still on the sequence of a previous question you asked here some while ago? What configurations have you for the default encoding for MySQL/PHP/Apache? May 2, 2017 at 22:12

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For simple text you can use tools like:

  • enca,
  • file.

They guess and can verify the encoding of the text.

For MySQL, you can use just simple SQL requests, like it was presented here: [1], [2].

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