My Dropbox is stuck indexing a file from /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/. This file is owned by the root user with 600 permission. How can I achieve syncing it with dropbox while maintaining the file persmissions and owner? Or do I have to change the owner to my user in order to sync it?

I'd like to have the file in dropbox and the symlink in the system directory pointing to the dropbox file. How do I do that?

Is dropbox the right tool by the way? I want to have some files like music, firefox settings, internet connections, shared between all the computers that I may use.

  • If the file is in your personal Dropbox folder, then your user would have write access to it. In theory your user could change that file, and the symlink's target will change. So root might own the symlink itself, but not the target. Regarding the second question, Firefox has its own sync, I think. And for other things, you could use a Dropbox alternative like OwnCloud/Nextcloud, Spideroak, a git repository… – Sparhawk May 2 '17 at 9:25
  • Ok but the main question is: why the file in system-conections isn't indexing? – Arturo May 2 '17 at 10:33
  • You'll need to edit your question and make that "the main question" then. :) Does your user have read permissions to that directory? – Sparhawk May 2 '17 at 10:52
  • The file is owned by root so I don't have access to it. – Arturo May 2 '17 at 11:52
  • So does that answer your question? If Dropbox doesn't have access, then it can't read it. I'd just make a copy manually and sync that. I wouldn't feel comfortable changing the owner. And I certainly wouldn't give Dropbox root permissions. – Sparhawk May 2 '17 at 22:25

I would try a bashscript with rsync -A for keeping the permissions.

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