If I have a list of URLs separated by \n, are there any options I can pass to wget to download all the URLs and save them to the current directory, but only if the files don't already exist?


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There is a -nc (--no-clobber) option for wget.

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    I read this after writing my Bash script to check for the existence of files individually! Jul 5, 2019 at 8:30

From wget --help:

-i,  --input-file=FILE     download URLs found in local or external FILE.
-nc, --no-clobber          skip downloads that would download to
                           existing files.
-c,  --continue            resume getting a partially-downloaded file.

I've included --continue because it seemed like it might be helpful if you're trying to recover from an interrupted download, but you don't need it to answer your original question.

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