I'm looking for a way to have list of all files/folders of the current directory in my terminal that updates automatically and runs while I'm actively navigating and editing files.

I imagine it to be somehow possible with a terminal multiplexer. But I don't know how you could notify another process about the change in the current process.

If I run watch ls -a in one split-view, it will only update when files in that same directory change, not when the directory of my other split-view changes.

Basically, I want it to look somewhat like this:
enter image description here

How could this be accomplished?

  • I was going to suggest Midnight Commander as well, though I don't think it updates the listing dynamically. If you have Emacs, you could easily have a shell buffer communicate with a Dired buffer, perhaps using inotify-watch.
    – tripleee
    Apr 29 '17 at 13:08

You could use the PID of shell 1 and use it's process information (CWD) to update ls in shell 2.

shell 1:

$ echo $$

shell 2:

$ watch ls /proc/24678/cwd/

Now you can use cd in shell 1 and the view in shell 2 will be updated in shell 2 (per default every 2 seconds).

An nice gimmick: You could use watch -d to highlight the differences between successive updates (file creations/deletions etc.)


Possibly Midnight Commander or a similar program does what you want? You can overlay the terminal window with two lists of files, there are keyboard shortcuts, but you can still switch to a full shell.

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