How do you start a specific web application created by GNOME Web via the command line?

Usage example: The user creates a web application and wants to add that specific web application as a startup program (without opening GNOME Web)

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I found the solution to my problem, but it's not very elegant. If you find a better and simpler way to do this, please share.

Here it is:

  1. Go to:


  2. Open the file with your text editor. It's name will be:


  3. Copy the text following "Exec=" (on line 3). It should look like:

    epiphany --application-mode --profile="/home/yourusername/.config/epiphany/app-epiphany-yourAppName-randomAlphanumericalCharacters" https://example.com/

Use this command to start the web application.

  • is this still accurate for the flatpak version of epiphany? I imagine not
    – ETL
    Commented Feb 12 at 5:04

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