In XFCE, for resizing windows, I have to put my mouse exactly on the window border, and it is sometimes hard.

I would like it to be easier, which means that the area for which the mouse is considered on the border should be be bigger.

How to do this? How to augment the sensitivity of window borders for resizing windows?

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    Easy alternative: When you right-click on the top bar of the window, there is a contect menu, showing the menu item to change the size of the window (it is greyed out when the window is maximzed). This way you can resize the window even if the right/bottom border are not visible. If for any reason the top bar of the window is not visible, you can right-click the Window button in the panel, which gives you the same context menu (you can even do that when the window is not visible, e.g. hidden behind another one)
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    Apr 27, 2017 at 10:57

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I have found that certain window manager styles are difficult to land on the resize area with the mouse. My solution has been to use a different window manager style, located at Window Manager > Style (first tab). I recommend installing xfwm4-themes with the command sudo apt-get install xfwm4-themes to add more window manager styles. I personally like the styles Tyrex, Defcon-IV, and the Default-4.x ones.

I also use this script to make windows larger with just the keyboard. It uses xdotool. Use the arguments, -u, -r, -d, -l for up, right, down, left.


window_id=$(xdotool getactivewindow)
width=$(xdotool getwindowgeometry "$window_id" | awk -F" |x" '/Geometry:/ { print $4 }')
height=$(xdotool getwindowgeometry "$window_id" | awk -F" |x" '/Geometry:/ { print $5 }')

w_move () {
# Window position
x=$(xwininfo -id "$window_id" | awk '/Absolute upper-left X:/ { print $4 }')
y=$(xwininfo -id "$window_id" | awk '/Absolute upper-left Y:/ { print $4 }')

# Subtract window decoration and panel offsets
x_offset=$(xwininfo -id "$window_id" | awk '/Relative upper-left X:/ { print $4 }')
x=$((x - x_offset))
y_offset=$(xwininfo -id "$window_id" | awk '/Relative upper-left Y:/ { print $4 }')
y=$((y - y_offset))

case "$1" in
    -u )
        window_app=$(xdotool getwindowfocus getwindowname)
        if [[ "$window_app" = Terminal* ]]; then
            y=$((y - 19))
            y=$((y - 30))
        xdotool windowmove "$window_id" "$x" "$y"
        height=$((height + 30))
    -r )
        width=$((width + 30))
    -d )
        height=$((height + 30))
    -l )
        x=$((x - 30))
        xdotool windowmove "$window_id" "$x" "$y"
        width=$((width + 30))
    * )
        echo "Use the arguments, -u, -r, -d, -l for up, right, down, left."

xdotool windowsize "$window_id" "$width" "$height"

I have this habit of resizing windows and It's annoying failing to grab it for resizing. From time to time (specially after a clean install), I usually try looking for new themes, but so far, the ones I know to work nicely in this aspect are those from xfwm4 package: 'Daloa', 'Default', 'Kokodi' and 'Moheli'. If someone knows of another theme, please comment so maybe I can add one more to my list.


This works for me in Xubuntu 20.04 preserving your current theme, and without any coding.

I use a Numix theme modified by using Themix-project OOmox to change theme colors and certain other elements. After saving my oomox theme, I applied "borders" theme as per instructions. It preserved all theme elements but made the borders easy to grab.


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