I want to insert some parts of my log file to mysql.
this is my log file

195.xx.x.x - - [25/Apr/2017:09:60:xx +0200] "POST /userx/index.php?m=contacts&a=form&...

192.xx.x.x - - [25/Apr/2017:09:45:xx +0200] "POST /usery/index.php?m=customer&doajax=request&action=getContacts...

197.xx.x.x - - [25/Apr/2017:09:20:xx +0200] "GET /userx/index.php?m=meeting&doajax=date&id=3

In my database I have the columns [idLog] [date] [user] [module] [action] [doAjax] [ajaxAction] Where:
25/Apr/2017--> date
userx --> user
m=xxx -->module
a=xxx -->action
idLog is auto increment

So I need to insert of my logfile those informations:
INSERT INTO logs VALUES('null',25/04/2017,usery,contacts,form,null,null)
INSERT INTO logs VALUES('null',25/04/2017,usery,customer,null,request,getContacts)
INSERT INTO logs VALUES('null',25/04/2017,userz,meeting,null,date,null)

I want to insert the date that is on the 4th column and some parts of the request that is 7th column (/userx/index.php?m=meeting&doajax=date&id=3)that are in my date base.
Some ideas?... I tried to create a script bash using awk and sed for to cut some parts of my log file and for to insert to my data base


If the fields position are constant eg : if date always in 2nd Field. Then you can use for loop to process file lines and use awk to get the required field and assign to a variable. Within the loop echo the insert query with variable values of date etc to a file.. and finally execute all insert query in once.

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