I'm looking for files that contain a string. My command:

grep -rwl '/path/' -e "string"

I want to limit the result to paths that contain a different string. I can do it like this:

grep -rwl '/path/' -e "string" | grep 'path_string'

I would like to optimize the execution, if possible, by only looking at paths with the 'path_string' to begin with. How can I accomplish this?


You could use find with -path e.g.

find /path -path '*path_string*' -type f -exec grep -qw 'string' {} \; -print

This will search under /path for file names matching1 shell pattern *path_string* and run grep only on those files, printing their names if successful.

1: the pattern match is applied to the whole file name starting from /path/

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