Can someone help me out with this. I have 2 files

First one contains IDs of employees that left a company



Second file is a config file for an application that stores users settings

App.conf (only part of the file)

/export/home/conf[naa.5678D956]/displayName = "John Paul (naa.5678D956)"
/export/home/conf[naa.5678D956]/Scripts = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.5678D956]/FTP = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.5678D956]/HomeDirs = "true" 
/export/home/conf[naa.4487984D]/displayName = "Cara Jones (naa.4487984D)"  
/export/home/conf[naa.4487984D]/Scripts = "false"
/export/home/conf[naa.4487984D]/FTP = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.4487984D]/HomeDirs = "true" 
/export/home/conf[naa.45S87954]/displayName = "Eimer Fenton (naa.45S87954)"
/export/home/conf[naa.45S87954]/Scripts = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.45S87954]/HomeDirs = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.56898K78]/displayName = "Edd Waters (naa.56898K78)"
/export/home/conf[naa.56898K78]/Scripts = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.56898K78]/FTP = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.56898K78]/HomeDirs = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.909878S4]/displayName = "Phil Mooney (naa.909878S4)"  
/export/home/conf[naa.909878S4]/FTP = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.909878S4]/HomeDirs  = "true"

I would like to have it so that if a employee ID exists in employeeid.txt, it comments out their configuration setting in App.conf and saves as new file

#/export/home/conf[naa.5678D956]/displayName = "John Paul (naa.5678D956)"
#/export/home/conf[naa.5678D956]/Scripts = "true"
#/export/home/conf[naa.5678D956]/FTP = "true"
#/export/home/conf[naa.5678D956]/HomeDirs = "true" 
/export/home/conf[naa.4487984D]/displayName = "Cara Jones (naa.4487984D)"  
/export/home/conf[naa.4487984D]/Scripts = "false"
/export/home/conf[naa.4487984D]/FTP = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.4487984D]/HomeDirs = "true" 
#/export/home/conf[naa.45S87954]/displayName = "Eimer Fenton (naa.45S87954)"
#/export/home/conf[naa.45S87954]/Scripts = "true"
#/export/home/conf[naa.45S87954]/HomeDirs = "true"
#/export/home/conf[naa.56898K78]/displayName = "Edd Waters (naa.56898K78)"
#/export/home/conf[naa.56898K78]/Scripts = "true"
#/export/home/conf[naa.56898K78]/FTP = "true"
#/export/home/conf[naa.56898K78]/HomeDirs = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.909878S4]/displayName = "Phil Mooney (naa.909878S4)"  
/export/home/conf[naa.909878S4]/FTP = "true"
/export/home/conf[naa.909878S4]/HomeDirs  = "true"

I have been trying to get it to work with sed, but have not been getting anywhere


Assuming there aren't any employer IDs with which might be interpreted as valid regular expression characters by sed, e.g. *, ? or \:

sed 's:^/export/home/conf\[naa.\('"$(paste -sd '|' employeeid.txt)"'\)\]:#&:' App.conf

If you have a lot of employer IDs so that the resulting line becomes too long and your sed support -f- (otherwise you got to redirect it to a file first and then let sed read the script):

  printf '%s' 's:^/export/home/conf\[naa.\(';
  paste -sd '|' employeeid.txt;
  printf '%s' '\)\]:#&:';
} | tr -d '\n' | sed -f- App.conf

To make the changes in-place (modifying the file right away instead of showing you the results) add -i for GNU sed or -i '' for FreeBSD sed.

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    Errh... ok, I had something completely different in mind: turn each line into a regex (instead of concatenating them into a single regex) and escape any special chars in the process e.g. sed 's|[[\.*^$/]|\\&|g;s|.*|/\\.&\\]/s/^/#/|' employeeid.txt | sed -f- App.conf... never mind :)... Apr 25 '17 at 20:07
while read employeeid; do
    sed --in-place "/$employeeid/s/^/#/" /path/to/App.conf
done < employeeid.txt
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    It's worth noting that this would get quite slow with a lot of employer IDs (read performance + sed runs over the whole file for every employer ID).
    – phk
    Apr 25 '17 at 19:40

gawk(GNU awk) approach:

awk 'NR==FNR{a[$1]; next}{match($4, /\[naa\.([0-9A-Z]+)\]/, b); 
     if(b[1] in a) $1="#"$1;}1' OFS="/" employeeid.txt FS="/" App.conf > newfile

Now, newfile contains the needed lines

a[$1] - accumulating an array of employee ids(as indices) while the first file employeeid.txt get processed

FS="/" - field separator for the second file App.conf

match($4, /\[naa\.([0-9A-Z]+)\]/, b) - captures an employee id within the 4th field of a second file's line

if(b[1] in a) $1="#"$1 - checks if the captured employee id is in the crucial array. If so, adds # to the first field(i.e. at the beginning of the line)


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