I'm confused with rsync's exclude.

I'm trying to backup every starting with / but exclude /media/ /mnt/ /home/files/ and /home/backup

sudo rsync -a \
       --progress \
       --stats \
       --exclude-from=/home/files/ \
       --exclude-from=/media/ \
       --exclude-from=/mnt/ \
       --exclude-from=/home/backup/ \
   / /home/backup

Won't work.

I end up copying files to /home/backup/home/backup/... I read that I have to write my excludes relative to my transfer root, but i guess if / is my transfer root then /media/ should be relative to that right?

man rsync

--exclude=PATTERN       exclude files matching PATTERN
--exclude-from=FILE     read exclude patterns from FILE

exclude-from is used to point to a file that lists the folders that you don't want. Try the option --exclude


Your syntax is incorrect; that's why it isnt't working.

You say:


when you should simply say


Also, you are not using the


switch that can synchronize the directories.

As to your question at the end: Yes, in your case you are specifying / as your beginning for the rsync. So if you exclude "tmp/*" then it is indeed relative to / so it is the same as specifying "/tmp/*"

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